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ENIL Freedom Drive 2017 – Registration deadline extended

enil_freedomdrive2017The European Network on Independent Living (ENIL), the Opening Doors national partner in Belgium, is organising ENIL 2017 Freedom Drive that will take place between 24th and 28th September in Brussels. The ENIL Freedom Drive is one of the key campaigns held every two years since 2003. It provides supporters of the Independent Living Movement with the unique opportunity to meet Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and promote human rights issues, as well as to share experiences and ideas with colleagues from around Europe.
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Austria improves educational outcomes for youth in care through better EU investments

austria_news_06-720174Targeted and effective investments in social mentoring along with enhanced cooperation between schools and residential services can improve educational outcomes and maximize impact for youth in care. “Sapere Aude” (from Latin “Dare to know”) is a project conceived to demonstrate that. Through member organisation Bundestherapeutische Gemeinschaften, Opening Doors campaign national coordinator in Austria, FICE Austria is participating in this project in partnership with four other civil society organisations from Spain, Croatia, France and Germany.
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New Serbian Prime Minister Brnabic highlights importance of deinstitutionalisation in the keynote speech


MODS − the network of organisations for children of Serbia and national coordinator of the Opening Doors campaign in Serbia − expressed its satisfaction regarding the fact that the new Serbian Prime Minister Ms Ana Brnabic gave due prominence to the child rights protection in her Keynote Speech. Specifically, the Prime Minister declared that the Government will give priority to measures regarding improving the situation of children, including the transformation of residential care institutions and the development of community-based services.
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Greek system of child protection requires a prompt action


There are no relevant policies in place to transform the outdated child care and child protection system in Greece where private interests prevail over the best interests of children. This was one of the conclusions of the 2nd International Conference “Experiences from the adoption triad and how to support children in need with alternative solutions”. 
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