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Greek system of child protection requires a prompt action


There are no relevant policies in place to transform the outdated child care and child protection system in Greece where private interests prevail over the best interests of children. This was one of the conclusions of the 2nd International Conference “Experiences from the adoption triad and how to support children in need with alternative solutions”. 
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Czech NGOs call for an immediate action to change the care system for children at risk

Czech NGOs criticised the obsolete child care system caused by the lack of coordination between the ministries and delays with the systemic reforms. This has been discussed during the roundtable “Transformation of care system for children at risk from children’s and experts’ perspective” that took place on the 15 May 2017 in Prague, the Czech Republic. The event was  organized by a Eurochild member Vteřina poté (Second After) and Association Dítě a Rodina (Child and Family Association) bringing together key national and international stakeholders, civil society organisations and representatives from the three ministries responsible for institutional care for children in the Czech Republic.
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