New Serbian Prime Minister Brnabic highlights importance of deinstitutionalisation in the keynote speech


MODS − the network of organisations for children of Serbia and national coordinator of the Opening Doors campaign in Serbia − expressed its satisfaction regarding the fact that the new Serbian Prime Minister Ms Ana Brnabic gave due prominence to the child rights protection in her Keynote Speech. Specifically, the Prime Minister declared that the Government will give priority to measures regarding improving the situation of children, including the transformation of residential care institutions and the development of community-based services.
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Czech NGOs call for an immediate action to change the care system for children at risk

Czech NGOs criticised the obsolete child care system caused by the lack of coordination between the ministries and delays with the systemic reforms. This has been discussed during the roundtable “Transformation of care system for children at risk from children’s and experts’ perspective” that took place on the 15 May 2017 in Prague, the Czech Republic. The event was  organized by a Eurochild member Vteřina poté (Second After) and Association Dítě a Rodina (Child and Family Association) bringing together key national and international stakeholders, civil society organisations and representatives from the three ministries responsible for institutional care for children in the Czech Republic.
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Why it is crucial to end orphanage-style care systems in Europe


Strengthening families and tackling child poverty goes hand-in-hand with ending institutional care for children, writes Jana Hainsworth for Euractiv.

As you return to your families to celebrate Christmas, take a few minutes to consider this. Hundreds of thousands of children across Europe are growing up, away from their families, in institutional care.
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