Training of professionals working with children in care is the first step to promote community living in Greece, says campaign’s National Coordinator


greece_training_january2017On 31 January 2016, Opening Doors for Europe’s Children National Coordinator in Greece, Roots Research Centre, organised a seminar for professionals working with children in care at Heraklion Crete. Four-hour training “Relationship and communication with adopted and foster children” for professionals from eight residential units in Crete, including psychologists, social workers and educators, was facilitated by Tatiana Gorny, graduate in psychology and education of children with autism from the Roots Research Centre and Marilou Chatziskouli, social anthropology graduate, mental health counsellor and scientific adviser to the organisation on alternative care.

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High-level event brings lack of foster care in Greece into the spotlight


Roots Research Center under the auspices of the Social Welfare department of the city of Heraklion, Crete, hosted a conference titled “Foster care as a good practice for social protection – practices in civil and penal code”.

According to a study conducted by the Roots Research Center, out of 3,134 children in care in Greece, only 309 children were in foster care in 2014. The event pledged important commitment towards investment in foster care and development of quality family-based solutions in Greece.
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