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The Opening Doors for Europe’s Children campaign
(2013-2019) aimed to support national efforts to develop child protection systems that strengthen families and ensure high-quality family- and community-based alternative care for children, by leveraging EU funding and policy and building capacity in civil society.

This website and its resources will remain accessible until the end of 2021.


“As a result of our advocacy efforts, in August 2018, the Government approved a minimum package of social services that will be funded from the central budget and provided at local level. We must continue these efforts to ensure that the basic social services package includes foster care provision in the central budget and that foster care services are diversified to meet the needs of all children, and especially children under the age of three and children with disabilities.”

Liliana Rotaru, Opening Doors for Europe’s Children coordinator in Moldova and Chairwoman of CCF / HHC Moldova

“In Spain, it is important to take into account that most of the competences related to social policy are vested in the regional governments (autonomous communities). In Spain, the Opening Doors campaign has been very useful for social organizations in the field of child care to better conceptualize the term deinstitutionalization and raise awareness about it, especially among the regional administration and other social organizations. This has been done through several awareness raising activities such as conferences developed in several autonomous communities that focussed on the issue and meetings with regional public representatives.”

Irene Kopetz, Opening Doors for Europe’s Children coordinator in Spain and technical secretariat of FICE Spain.

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