Bulgarian Government restates commitment to closing children’s institutions

As Bulgaria goes to the polls on Sunday, leading experts and NGOs have joined forces to seek reassurance from the country’s interim Government that the commitments made by the previous Government to reforming the childcare system and putting children back into families will be honoured.

In February this year, the Bulgarian Government resigned amid nationwide protests against low living standards and widespread corruption. An interim Government selected by the President has been in place since March, acting as caretaker until the outcome of Sunday’s election is announced. The unstable political climate in Bulgaria has led to uncertainty about the process of reform in the country and fears for what this means for children and families in Bulgaria.

However, at a round table event organised in Sofia, the Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Policy reiterated their commitment to closing institutions for children in Bulgaria – transforming the childcare system into one which supports families and prioritises the individual needs and best interests of children. In addition, the Bulgarian President sent a letter of support to the meeting.

The statements made at the event send a strong message to regional and local decision makers that there is continued commitment to the DI process at the top and implementation of reform remains a priority, even in this time of political uncertainty.