Investing in Children – Benefit for All Children


Date: 12 October 2017

Location: Belgrade, Serbia

The International Conference “Investing in Children – Benefit for All Children”, with the guests from 21 European countries, organized by the Network of Organizations for Children of Serbia (MODS), Eurochild, The Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction Team of the Government of the Republic of Serbia (SIPRU) and UNICEF, has been held in Belgrade. 

At the opening of the conference, where international experiences and examples of public budget allocations were presented with the aim of reducing poverty and social exclusion of children, the importance of aligning public financial resources with policies and legislation affecting children was highlighted. The conference emphasized Serbia’s commitment to fighting child poverty and meeting the United Nations development agenda.

The conference concluded that it is necessary to intensify the work on the implementation of the UN Objectives for Sustainable Development (where the fight against child poverty is at the forefront), improve the monitoring and evaluation of the financial allocations for children and families in Serbia (whereby international experience and methodology can be used ), develop groups of community service that will support the family, especially families at risk of separation, that more coverage is needed with the services which will be available and financial support to families and children living in poverty.

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