Commissioner Andor wishes for DI to be reinforced for most vulnerable children



Speaking on the occasion of International day for the eradication of poverty, Commissioner Andor has called for the deinstitutionalisation (DI) process to be strengthened, particularly in relation to children with disabilities and children of Roma origin.

Commissioner Andor highlighted the overrepresentation of children from vulnerable groups in institutions: “Roma families can be disadvantaged due to prejudice and school segregation.  The current situation is unacceptable. Children with disabilities are very often concentrated in institutions. Deinstitutionalisation has to be reinforced: we have to make sure that EU financial instruments which serve these purposes are implemented with quality and with concrete monitoring of the changes.”

The Opening Doors campaign welcomes these words confirming that institutionalisation of most vulnerable children is still considered a high priority on the EU agenda.  One of our campaign priorities has been to highlight that, contrary to common belief, the large majority of children placed in institutions are not orphans and call for action.  It is encouraging to see the reality (socio-economic problems and discrimination are main causes of institutionalisation) being recognised by the Commissioner. The Opening Doors campaign will continue to place Roma children and children with disabilities at the centre of the campaign’s work.