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When Anamarie was three she was placed in the Ghiocelu Institution, in Bacau, Romania. Her mother abandoned her because of her disability – she was diagnosed with triplegia and could not use her feet or left arm.

By age six she had severe deficiencies in her motor development. Her feet muscles were not properly developed and she could not walk, but crawl at best.

When the Ghiocelu Institution was closed as part of the ongoing reform in Romania, it was decided that a foster family was the best placement option for Anamarie who would have more stimulation and opportunities to develop in a family environment.

Anamarie quickly developed a strong bond with her foster parents.  Over the next few years, Anamarie’s foster family pushed for her to have surgery to help her walk, and after long periods of physiotherapy and three refusals from different hospitals they found a clinic in Istanbul to undertake the necessary operation.  The surgery, funded by the NGO which closed the institution, took place in October last year. Anamarie, now 11, can now walk with a frame and will hopefully be walking unaided in the coming months