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Nicolai loves to play with his dogs and having pets to care for has helped him to overcome a very difficult time in his life.

In March 2017, a fire destroyed his family’s home. Nicolai, his mother Aliona, his older brother, Vasile and his baby brother, Andrei who is just ten months old, were lucky to escape with their lives. Aliona, who was already struggling to cope with raising her children alone, did not know where to turn. Nicolai and his brothers were at risk of being separated from their mother and each other and sent to live in different orphanages.

There they would have been segregated by age and left to grow up barely knowing one another. Nicolai and his siblings would have had no one to love and protect them, struggling to survive alongside so many other children confined to institutions —  neglected, frightened and alone.

Our national coordinator in Moldova, CCF Moldova ensured that the family received the support they needed to stay together while their house was repaired. Now the family is thriving. Aliona has found work as an accountant, Vasile has graduated from secondary school and is studying cookery and hairdressing. Nicolai is being home schooled with good results and baby Andrei has started nursery.